The Joy of little green babies…

Some people are born to nurture. Some people were made to help bring to life and care for God’s creations.  Not all people were born with the desire to do this with human babies.  Some people prefer to help breed and raise fur babies (ie: cats, dogs, horses, birds, fish, reptiles.. etc. ).  While other prefer the quieter offspring of the joy of little green babies.. Plants.  It should come as no surprise that those who have noisy babies of either the two-legged or the 4 legged variety, may come to need the quiet beauty and self-affirming achievement of green babies.

There is a peacefulness of soul and contentment that occurs for some of us when we put a seed into soil, remember to water it, sing or talk to the seed, check on it’s progress, nurture it by adjusting for weather, lighting and temperature.  There is a distinct sense of satisfaction and personal achievement as you see that first little sprout peek through the soil.  As you tend to that little green baby, and feel that connection between you and your plant simultaneously reach to the sun… you know that you have made something beautiful.  And that without you it would not have happened… is the self-affirming part.

Plants do not make messes, talk back or defy you.  They do not ask why the sun shines or why the clouds make rain… incessantly without listening to the answer.  They simply do what they are born to do… spread themselves out into the world, drink it all in and become radiant with the love and attention and nurturing that you provide.  If you have never tried to gain confidence and soul contentment from agricultural hobbies… and you are stressed out by NEARLY everything else in your world just taking from your soul and putting nothing back into you… You should really give a plant a chance!

Start off with something already potted.  Make sure that you have read up on the amount of sun and water and food required. And give that green baby a chance to brighten up your world.  Then when you are confident in your knowledge of how to adjust the amount of light, water and heat move on to the truly soul blossoming addiction of starting your own little green babies from the point of sowing the seed.  This is truly the most connected you can imagine being to something that cannot vocalize.  Take pictures of all of it.  Like a photo album.  You will be surprised at the nice craft project you can have when it is all said and done.  Scrap booking is also very relaxing, but that is for another blog.

Easy flowers to grow are Bachelor Buttons, Zinnia, and Marigolds.  They are hearty and can withstand the unsure nurturing of a first timer.  Make sure that you use Miracle Grow Flower bloom or plant food that is appropriate to the environment of your little green baby.  I have a few tricks for my above ground seedlings.  I use hot water and plant food.  I keep the soil moist but not soggy.  I change the positioning of the pot every two days (adjusting for sunlight).  I talk and sing to them.  I pick pots that I will cherish.  I sow some seeds in seed starter kits and others I sow seeds straight into a big pot in a floral pattern that pleases me (round pots with 2 – 3 circles of seeds, each ring containing a specific flower based on height, color, and heartiness).  I also make sure that I am prepared to share some of my flowers as they grow and are ready for thinning.  Thinning is the process of removing sproutlings to avoid over crowding… and transplanting the thinned out ones to another pot.

Never underestimate the sense of purpose and contentment and achievement that comes from a hobby like Gardening.  Little Green babies remind us that we are caring, responsible people.  We can aid the birth of something beautiful and be successful at maintaining that life.  The Joy of little green babies is immeasurable.  It is a great hobby to enjoy on your own or to help teach values like commitment to our human babies.  Some lessons in life are easier learned with hands on experience (patience, responsibility, nurturing).  If your child asks for a pet, tell them a plant is the best way to learn how our ability to be responsible can affect others.

Plant something today and feel the glow of grow tomorrow!


About ladyofphoenixrose

A multi-talented Artist : writes, sings and acts. Biography: Aspiring vocal and writing talent, hoping for a career in radio and print. I enjoy doing movie reviews, rest. critique, book reviews, reality TV reports, commentary. I also write prose, fiction and auto-biographical pieces. Also making advocacy in the Autistic community a life long goal. I started a support page on FaceBook called Autism Pillars© - Support for Families & Friends of Autistic People. I created a Food critic review on Facebook called the Tasty Tattler. As a fan of American Idol.. last season I did a guest radio spot on B95.5 fm Breakfast club, doing "Idol After Party" with Chuck and Laura! Such an amazing opportunity! Which I have since turned into a Facebook page called Idol After Party.
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